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Import/Export Options Page data plugin

  • Hi all,

    I threw together a plugin that will let you export and import data entered into ACF Options Page plugin.

    It’s helpful if you’re doing all your development locally on a team where each member may enter their own data and you need to make sure everyone’s got the same data.

    Again, it’s pretty crude, but it works.

  • Hi @dallen

    Awesome work mate.

    I’ll be sure to mention this in a blog post and the compatible plugins resource.


  • Hi Dallen and Elliot;

    I’m trying to find an easy way to export all the settings of the ACF’s option page. I’m using ACF PRO, @dallen is your plugin still working for that version?, and where could I downlaod it to check it out?. Thank you very much.

    Elliot is out there another solution for this for ACF PRO, thank you.

  • I’m also looking for a way to import and export data from field groups in an options page. It’s a shame the current export feature only exports the field group schema.

    Any chance we’ll see this feature in ACF Pro?

  • This would be highly useful!

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