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Importer not importing Instructions of Choices, Defaults

  • Sorry if this has been covered before, I googled around and didn’t see anything.

    I have a rather complicated group and when I export/import from the dev site to stage, the choices, default, and instructions in the fields are not importing.

    The choices and instructions do appear in the export file, but they are not importing into the new site.

    Link to the export:

    Advice, suggestions? Really don’t want to redo these by hand, again, and then again on production.


  • I just imported your field group into a test site and it seemed to work. all of the instructions and choices appear to have imported. I didn’t find any default values in your export file.

    What version of ACF are you using, there was a problem with imports a version or 3 back, but those were all corrected.

    I could be something else interfering with the import. Maybe another plugin or some filter in you theme. I would try disabling other plugins and maybe switching themes. Do you have any filters that you’ve build?

  • DOH!

    Yes, I forgot to upgrade and we were a couple small version back. I feel dumb!

    Thanks John, sorry for wasting your time.

  • No such thing as wasted time. Sometimes it just takes someone else looking at the problem.

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