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Imported posts -> date problem

  • Hello guys,

    i have a funeral as a customer and he has related deaths on his homepage. Now he got a new website (before a custom-cms – now wordpress) so i imported all the old deaths to his new site.

    I did it with wp_insert_post and update_field(key, value, postID)

    The Death-Die-Date as example was 01.03.2000 ( so i said update_field(“field_57ab37111706a”, “01.03.2000”, 1241)

    In the backend when i want to edit a death then the death-die-date is perfectly filled in and i can also show it in the frontend, but the problem ist the sorting.

    in my frontend i have a page that shows the last 20 deaths sorted by death-die-date but it sorts by day – so all the 31. are ahead then 30. 29. and so on … can you help me?



  • Is the format for dates you used the way they were stored on the old site?

    In order to sort dates they need to be in either be timestamps or in a YYYY-MM-DD or YYYYMMDD format (year, month, day). This is they way that ACF stores dates and if you want to sort by them then you’ll need to find a way to convert them to a sort-able format.

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