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[important] date picker date is saved minus 1 day

  • Version: ACF 5.8.9

    Repeater field with start and end date.
    This is the setting

    saved dates jump one day back.
    example: select friday april 24 and save the post.
    output is thursday 23

    This is a big issue!

  • It gets even more weird, look at the month of the date picker and the corresponding source code


    functions.php only related time stuff is the following code

    date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Berlin'); // Lokalzeit
    setlocale(LC_TIME, array('de_DE.UTF-8', 'de.UTF-8'));
  • searched the forums and removed “date_default_timezone_set” from theme.
    checked the rest of the setup. seems to fix the problem.

  • Hello,
    Same problem. Removed “date_default_timezone_set” but not fixed for me.

    Edit : The server is not on ‘UTC’ and I can’t modify that.

  • I solved this as well by removing


    from function.php.

    However this seems still weird to me and should be fixed in future releases…

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