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Import Repeater Field Values

  • Hi all,

    Im trying to figure out how I might import (phpmyadmin) a csv full of repeater field values.

    Any ideas how we might achieve this?

    Taking a look at the docs the data is saved like so:

    // meta_key meta_value
    gallery 2 // number of rows
    gallery_0_image 6 // sub field value
    gallery_0_description “some text” // sub field value
    gallery_1_image 7 // sub field value
    gallery_1_description “some text” // sub field value

    But then you’d have to consider post id’s for each so that they are attached to the correct post etc. This is where Im getting confused.

  • Hi @Torcs

    Seems like you have a good understanding of the task ahead of you. How can I help?

  • So is there a solution for importing CSV data to repeater fields?

  • I’m looking for something quick and easy also – it seems like WP All Import Pro would do the job but I haven’t tried yet.

  • Hi Devin, Did you ever do this? I’m also thinking of using WP All Import with Advanced Custom Fields Addon, but I’m not sure how to identify the correct repeater without a unique identifier?
    Thanks for any help

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