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  • Hi,
    I’m having some problems with importing relationships. Using WP All Import/Export (with ACF add-on) to import some 5000 ACF posts, I’m updating (importing) some 200 ACF fields + a relationship field per post.

    When exporting a single post, I see the relationship field with multiple items (item 1 | item 2 | item 3) but when trying to import to the same field (name), nothing shows up in the field ater import. WP All Import/Export works in very other regard, so it seems I’m not importing into the right field. Perhaps the relationship fields has some special naming or something?

    Anyone know how to do this? I can’t find any post, video or anything on this anywhere.


  • When you say it is exporting right, what exactly is in the export? The post ID? The post title? what does “item 1” represent.

  • I have a two field groups called boats and engines. Between them there is a relationship. When viewing a boat, it pulls the engine from the engines group.

    If I manually add two different engines on a boat post (through the nifty relationship-box) and export the boat, I see something like this (see image 1):
    ID, Title, …, Engine relationships
    The data would look something like this: 26, Sunkeeper, MTU | Caterpillar | MAN

    When I try to import, and hit the autodetect all fields-button, I don’t see an “Engine relationships” field.

    Manually adding the field and mapping it to the engine_relationships field from the csv file, does not add the data to the database. However, it does override whatever data was already in the engine_relationships field. Say I manually added a few engines before an import, after the import the field is empty.

    Image 1:

  • I think you’re using the wrong section in WPAI. WPAI should be showing you the field groups attached to the post type and supplying a special field for the relationship field import. This content cannot be imported using the standard custom fields section of the import. You’re issue is with WPAI. Their support staff is extremely helpful and you should contact them about issues that you are having with their plugin.

  • It’s showing me the relationship field, I just don’t know/understand what I’m supposed to enter in this ACF field.

    Here is what seems (somewhat) logic to me: Where you find the ID, update with this value. But it doesn’t work, so what is it I should enter in this field:

  • I have never used WPAI to import relationship fields. Going to be honest, I haven’t got a clue how to use this field.

    As I said in my last reply, you should really be contacting WPAI about this. They know how their plugin works and they have always been able to help me get things done when I’ve talked to them.

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