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Import (.json) file empty

  • Cannot import Field Groups from one (local) site to another (live) site because I get “Import file empty” notification (Admin Area) even though the file is NOT empty.

  • Some servers, while exporting JSON, add one additional byte to the file (so called BOM, It generates errors while importing, all the JSON file should be without this additional byte. Open JSON file with Notepad, and then save it with “UTF-8” coding. Then the file should be good for importing.

  • i have the same problem
    I exported json file, i upload in local (i use local by flywheel) but it give me the same message

    I also opened with notepad, save in UTF-8 but continue to not work…

  • I have the same problem.
    I use PHP 7.3.22 in both servers, with WP 5.5.1.
    I saved the exported file with UTF-8 encoding, but I still face the same issue.
    Please advise.

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