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Import / Export Do I need to bin existing field groups?

  • I’m hoping this is an easy one, I’ve been using ACF for many years now and each time I update my local site (and then copy changes to a live site) I usually completely remove any field group that already exists, then import.

    So my question is do i actually need to remove old groups when i import or will the import simply update existing field groups?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hello @matthewlane

    From my experience when I work on client’s sites the existing fields stay in place and do not duplicate when importing. However, if you are able to use the Local JSON feature of ACF that would be the best option to sync updated fields between environments.

  • Thanks, I have done a few tests recently and can confirm you can just re-upload local JSON export over the top of the existing fields and all is fine.

    My worry wasn’t about duplication but loss of data within pages/posts etc using the fields – in case by overwriting (best way to describe the task) data was lost for some reason.

    Either way, if you have the local > online environment you can happily just upload a new JSON each time you alter field groups and it will keep everything as it was with the addition of your new work.

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