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Img ACF don't work correctly on page-model

  • Hello there,

    I just bought this plugging and i would like to know if what i want to do is possible.
    I add a custom post type name : Good Plan that has an Image Custom Field.
    To only show my Good plan Custom post type, i create good-plan.php, and i linked it to a Page. I try to get my Custom field Image in this templates page model but when i do this :

    $goodplan = get_field('imggoodplan');

    It returns me NULL

    Why ? Is it possible to do what i like to do ? Have you some advices ?

    Best regards,
    Yann RIBET

  • Finally, i solved my problem with a Custom Post Type Templates. I just make a archive-goodplan.php. From this file, i can get my field. It’s the best way for make a custom templates for Custom Post Type.

    Best regards,
    Yann RIBET

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