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  • Currently running the latest of both iMember 360 and ACF Pro and running into issues for non-admin users. Images are echoing ID numbers instead of URL (checked settings and also resaved the field) and flexible content and repeater fields are a complete no show on front-end.

    Anyone faced a similar situation and know of a fix?

  • Could you post a rundown of your fields and the template code to output so we can confirm that it’s not something untoward in there?

  • Hi @minburke

    I’ve seen this issue before when the values have been saved to the ACF field (to the DB) outside of ACF (not adding them through acf input) and doing so by either using update_field with the field name or using another function like update_post_meta. If you’re saving the values programmatically or in some other way you should always use update_field with the field key.

    The reason for this is because using the field_name for a meta value that does not yet exist fails to create the corresponding field key. If the field already exists tho the field key also already exists and it’s fine to use the field name.

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