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Images not loading to page

  • I am currently running the latest version of WP on localhost/MAMP. I am using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and the Custom Post Type UI plugin.

    I set up a field called Images for a custom post. When the Field Type on the custom fields edit page is set to “images”, the images do not load to the page. Instead, a string of information prints out that looks like database info. For example:

    69, , IMG_5405, , , image/jpeg, http://localhost/, 1500, 1000, Array

    When I set the Field Type to “WYSIWYG”, then the images load without any problem. I have debugged my code and the other plugin, but I think the issue may be related to the custom fields.

    This is one of my two favorite plugins, btw. I include it in every project, right along with Custom Post Type UI. This post is not meant as a complaint at all. I am a huge fan, and I hope that if it is the plugin I am having issues with, then we can find a way to resolve it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  • I have the same problem exactly. How do we fix it?

  • I have the same problem in a single page… did you have a solution ?

  • Me too…

    exactly the same problem with mine

  • I had the same problem. Did you try to set the image in the wp-backend where you define the fields to image-url? Because with image-object it’s not working for me either, but with image-url it works perfectly 😀

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