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Images not loading on initial load

  • Hi,

    I am not certain the problem lies with the plugin or something else but I figured I might just ask here in case it is a problem.

    When I’m loading my website and acces a page where the Repeater field is active it only shows one of the many photos it holds, once I refresh it’s working properly. It’s a problem that is really annoying as I have to tell people who visit my page to refresh if they don’t see any photos.

    Is this a problem for the repeater field or something else? The files are big in format but not in filesize, 800kb. Or is this still too much to load?

    Any suggestions that could make it work right away? Cheers!

  • I just went to your site and all the images loaded first time. Images not loading would not be a problem with the plugin. It would be a problem with the connection to the server or with the server itself. If you continue to have problems I’d contact you hosting provider.

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