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Image sizes ignored in backend

  • I’m using some image fields in my backend, and I set the preview size to one of my thumbnails. This has worked just fine, but since I redefined my thumbnail sizes, ACF ignores them completely and new images are previewed in their full size instead while old images are displayed in the correct thumbnail format.

    Is this a bug or am I missing something?

    This thread can be removed (seems I can’t do it myself or can I?). I was lacking a php module for handling images, and my issue had nothing to do with ACF.

  • Hi Johan,

    You should also know that if you redefine your image sizes you’ll need to regenerate already existing images for them to work with the new sizes.

    You can use a plugin for this like

    I can’t delete your topic but if you set a post as the answer it’s considered done 🙂

  • Hey,

    Thanks for your feedback. I do already regenerate my thumbnails. My problem was my live server environment was lacking PHP-ImageMagick, so no thumbnails where created. Once I installed that, everything works just fine.

    Seems I can’t set original post to answer, so I’m setting this as answer instead.

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