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Image repeater doesn't save all entries of images

  • We have a website with cars and set a repeaterfield to add images for the gallery on the detailpage of a car. We haven’t been experiencing any issue’s until a couple of days ago, we guess (A client of ours reported the problem.)

    The problem is that when we add 26 images for instance and we update the post, only 20 images are left in the repeaterfield. Or when we add six we are left with 4 instead of the 6 we added. We don’t get an error and the server doesn’t shows errors neither.

    Anyone else with the same problems or a solution?

  • Hi @bms

    This is definitely an issue relating to Server memory or max_vars limit.

    Duplicate thread:


  • hi @elliot

    I think it isnt the same i already found the thread you send.

    i added this to my .htaccess
    php_value max_input_vars 5000
    php_value suhosin.get.max_vars 5000
    php_value 5000
    php_value suhosin.request.max_vars 5000

    this didnt solve the problem

  • Hi @bms
    It is possible that your server does not read the php settings from the .htaccess file, so you shoudl definitely contact your server to make sure the above will work as expected.

    Next, can you please post the ancestor trail of a sub field which doesn’t work. By this I mean the field names for each repeater / flexible content field to find your sub field which doesn’t save. eg:

    my_images -> image

    It is possible that the string is too long to save into the DB.

    Also, where is the data being stored? On a post, taxonomy, user or options page?


  • Hi, @elliot

    I have contacted my server provider and waiting for response.

    The website where the problem occurs is online for more than a year already and the problem just started last week, nothing changed in de names of fields so i think we can rule out that the string is to long to save into the DB.

  • Hi, @elliot

    I got a response from my server provider and my settings in the .htaccess are correct and the server wont override these settings.

    any idea what else the problem can be?

  • @elliot

    I made an xml export of the custom fields you can find it here:

    maybe there is something, hope you can help

  • Hi @bms

    Can you please respond to the second half of my previous comment?

    After you save 26 images, please take note of the time. If the issue has occured again and only 20 images appear, please contact your host with the time noted and ask them if the server logged any errors which could explain why WP stopped saving data mid page load.


  • hi @elliot

    voorraad_fotos -> voorraad_foto

    The first is the repeater and the second an image field, thats all for the repeater.
    The data is used for an custom post type.

    The problem occurs always when i use the repeater,
    input 4 images -> saves 3 images
    input 15 images -> saves 11 images
    input 26 images -> saves 20 images

  • Hi @bms

    The fact that you can’t save 4 images is very strange. There must be a server issue here which is preventing all the variables from being posted.

    Are you able to copy your website down to a local install to test if it works correctly there? This will rule out if there is some conflicting code, or if the issue is with the server.

    Does it take long to save the page? Or is it a normal load time?

  • Hi @elliot

    I made a copy and the problem was gone on the local server.
    still i cant find te problem on my hosting server, there is no error in the server log, i increased the input_vars but still no success.

    you got any idea what could limit the server?

  • @elliot

    The weird thing that is happening is that when i fill in all the fields and lets say 20 images in my repeater field and save it it save all but it loses 8 images. than i add another 30 images so i got 42 imags in it i save it and than i got 35 images left and i can go on. if it would be a server problem would this be possible than?

  • Another thing,

    i got 18 text fields, 2 textarea, 1 images field, a repeater with textfield and checkbox and all those fields always save. only de the repeater field with the images in it loses data.

  • It is fixed, another plugin was causing an error with has_cap and than did it.

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