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Image Object "uploaded to post" – explanation?

  • Hi Elliot,
    I just noticed the “uploaded to post” option in the Image field type. Can you give me an explanation of how this is meant to work? I’m unclear as to how it’s meant to be used.

    Here is my situation:
    I have a cpt “Projects” and I made an Options page for the homepage slideshow. The slideshow has a post object field for some details, along with an image upload to set the image in the slider.

    On my Projects page, I have a repeater field with a bunch of images in it. It would be awesome if this image field could pull only from the images uploaded to that post. But I’m not sure how to go about it, nor am I sure that is the intent of this “uploaded to post” option. Is there a way to tell the image object field to look at the post object field and go from there?

    When I go to the options page and try to upload an image, it shows a bunch of images not related to that post (which is actually the Options page), and I’m struggling to understand where it is pulling them from. The options sidebar may not be the ideal place to be using this feature maybe?

    Thank you for your help in wrapping my head around this feature 🙂 I love your plugin the most, and it seems like I am constantly discovering new awesome things that it can do.

  • The option is to choose where the library of images is pulled from.

    The “All” option will allow a user to choose from anything uploaded to the Media Library, whereas the “Uploaded to Post” option will only let the user choose from images uploaded to the post (either through “Add Media” or the Featured Image)

    Hope this helps.

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