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Image in repeater issue

  • Hallo,

    When I create a repeater field with an image inside I can’t get the array output. It always outputs an ID or random int? When I configure the image to output as url it does work. I’m using ACF Pro V.5.8.9 en WordPress V.5.3.2.

    Also when I duplicate this repeater with an image inside, configured to output an URL. The duplicate repeater field is ok, but the field I duplicated loses the images output.


    Repeater field 1
    – Image | Ouput = URL
    – Other fields

    (Then I duplicate Repeater field 1) ->

    Repeater field 1
    – Image | Output = “” (No radio selected)
    – Other fields

    Repeater field 1 copy
    – Image | Output = URL
    – Other fields

  • Please show your code outputting these fields in your PHP.

  • 	if (have_rows("sidebar_bovenste_banners", $page_id)) {
    	<ul id="side-bar-top" class="banners-slider">
    			while (have_rows("sidebar_bovenste_banners", $page_id)) { the_row();
    				$image = get_sub_field("banner");
    				$link = get_sub_field("link");
    					<a href="<?php echo $link ?>" target="_blank">
    						<img src="<?php echo $image; ?>" alt="">
    <?php } ?>

    This would be the working solution, outputing the image URL instead of the array. Otherwhise I’d echo the image as $image[‘sizes’][‘somesize’] or print_r($image) to see the array. But it will return some random int.

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