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Image files not showing

  • Hello, I have used ACF to show a field group attached to a product-tag in woocommerce, which works great. The website uses Elementor as a builder. I have successfully made a header (text) and a description (text area) to be shown on taxonomy equal to product-tag.
    I go into product-tag in wordpress and the text and text area are shown to be filled in. However, I have tried to add an image field and everything is fine until I fill in one of the text fields in my product tag and the image field disappears. Has anybody come across this, I thought perhaps I may have to purchase the pro version to enable images. I really don’t want to spend money until I am sure it will work for me

  • The only thing that I can think of here is that you have a name conflict between the acf field and the other fields. Check that the field names of your ACF fields are unique on the page where you are editing them.

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