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Image field type bug?

  • So I noticed today that when I go and delete an image in media gallery before deleting the image in my image field type meta box that I no longer have an option to select an image (or delete the old, non-existent one) from my post edit screen meta box. I remember when this atleast defaulted to no image but the ability to delete and/or change the non-existent image. Unfortunately I only have as far back as 5.1 to test this and it’s not working with that version either. Is this expected?

    I was able to remedy the situation by opening up inspector and unchecking visibility: hidden under <ul class="acf-h1 acf-soh-target"> which gave me access to the delete and edit image buttons even thought there was no image present in the meta box.

    It would be awesome to have this functionality back again. 🙂


  • I have the same problem with a client deleting his pictures in the media library.

    ACF should allow a delete even if no picture is selected. That would solve it.

  • Hi @pauldo and @etiennedupuis

    This problem has been fixed in the latest version of acf.

    Be sure to be using the latest version of the plugin.

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