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Image Field Reference Bug

  • Hi there

    Quick bug we’v spotted over last month or so. If you have an image field with an image added and then from the media library delete that image the custom field just goes dead in that it has the field title but no form box to add a new image etc.

    I checked the wp_meta table and the field still references the ID of the deleted media asset.

    The only way to resolve this was to manually edit this row in the DB to an ID of an image asset that does exist, then the image appears in the admin and can be removed with the (X) on hover.

    Could potentially be a big bug for those less technically minded when editing posts. Perhaps check the asset exists on load for image fields and if not revert the field to null and add the browser for file button?

  • What version of ACF is are you using?

  • 4.4.1, Was this fixed in 4.4.2?

  • Yes, I just tested and this appears to have been corrected in 4.4.2. Or at least I did not see the behavior you describe.

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