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Image field problem

  • Hello, I can’t add image to image field. Actually I could add an image to one of posts but I can’t add to others. No errors in console. Just after saving the posts the image disappears from the post.

  • What version of ACF? Front end or back?

  • The latest. Back end. I can choose the image, it even shows up after choosing (I can see the thumbnail) but after saving the posts it’s gone.
    Worked for one post only.

  • I meant ACF4 or ACF5, there can be differences.

    Also, how many fields do you have on the posts where the field is not saving? Are there a lot of fields and values, like a lot of repeaters and such?

  • Version: 4.4.5.
    I use just four fields (2 text field, 1 image, 1 youtube link)

  • I did a test with ACF 4 and it works correctly, with not other plugins installed and the default theme.

    Some things to check that may cause an issue.

    • All the field names are different
    • All the field keys start with field_

    If there aren’t any problems there then you need to disable other plugins and possibly switch to a default theme to see if you can discover what might be incompatible. If you can figure out what might be causing the issue then we can possibly figure out why and maybe how to fix it.

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