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iframe error with woocommerce product editing page

  • Hi,

    I have a weird situation on Woocommere product editing.

    I set up some fields (NO image fields) with ACF to aim on Woo, and it does work fine (Meaning all custom fields are displaying fine).

    Then, I tried to enter a new product for the first time (as a test). I tried to upload a media file for the product image. Well, it should or must show the uploading page with iframe, but it doesn’t…

    Uploading a image works fine and can edit all other data. Only problem is that uploading image page (or panel) does not display with iframe.

    With uploading Image gallery works fine = it DOES shows with iframe. It is so weird.

    To solve this, I have changed a theme, deactivate all plugins except for woo.

    WORKS: woocommerce only
    WORKS: woo and ACF but deactivate the field group.
    NOT WORK: woo and ACF + activate the field group.

    I must apologize if I am not explaining well, but I hope you understand what I tried to solve.

    Any advice or idea are appreciated.

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