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if (checkbox) = "Text" than html-Code

  • Hello,

    I tried it for hours but I think my php is not good enough. Maybe anyone can help?

    I habe an ACF-Checkbox with “first” and “second”.
    Now I work in the functions.php to make a function with an if/then.

    $variable = get_field('acfField');
    if ($variable == "first") {
    echo "do this";
    if else ($variable == "second") {
    echo "do that";

    Maybe i think anywhere completely wrong. Please help!

  • Since I’ve now spent too much time trying to do the same thing, and finding this post with no update, I wanted to post a solution for others (or myself when I search again)

    Even though “value” is selected on the checkbox, the item is still stored as an array. As such, you do just a normal “get_field” as you’d be getting an array that returns “1”.

    We need the info contained in the array.

    $variable = get_field(‘acffield’);
    $var_value = $variable[‘value’];

    Now we can see the values;

    if ($var_value == “first”) {
    echo “do this”;
    elseif ($var_value ==”second”) {
    echo “do that”;

    Hopefully that gets someone else on the right track.

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