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Ideas for Flexible Content Field

  • It would be great if we can get the Flexible Content Field (and maybe the Repeater Field, too) rendered not only in Table or Block layout but also in a standard layout mode like any other field group is rendered.

    Furthermore it would be a nice feature to collapse the layouts (all the same time and each separately) in the field editor screen. This would be helpful to reorder layouts if they have a lot of fields. And the new drag’ndrop feature of fields would be also much easier.


  • You can stylize that with css on the backend, choose the mode block, and them create .css file on your theme, then “link” the .css to the backend, after that use the “Inspect” on safari/chrome/firefox to see the div’s and starting coding the css. In that way you can modify to look like “standard layout mode like any other field group is rendered”.

    And the ideias about collapse and drag n drop features i totally agree on making this. =D

  • @giovannicold

    I may be wrong, but the Flexible Content/Repeater Field is wrapped in a table and therefore a layout mode like any other field group only with CSS is not possible.

  • +1 to this

    We use flexible layouts heavily – with nested layouts.
    The ability to collapse whole layouts will make their management much easier.
    (I mean in the administration – not in the post itself)

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