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Idea for tab field

  • I’m not sure if this is exactly related, but it would solve this issue and several others:

    Could you create a field that allows you to link a field with a tab? I noticed that when registering fields, they have to be registered in order underneath the tab you want them to go with in order to show up under that tab. This makes it very difficult to create dynamic field groups via php. I want to create field groups on the fly based on other dynamic choices. But if I want those field groups to be associated with a specific tab, then I have to be sure to register those in the correct order. It would be better if there were a field to specify which tab a field was associated with. That way you could register them willy-nilly and it would know where to put them.

    This would also solve the end-point problem because any field that wasn’t associated would automatically serve as a post end-point field.

    Just a thought for future extensibility. 🙂

  • Hi @jrwdev

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve started a new topic from your reply as to not confuse the other threads direction.

    Can you please make some visual mockups of this idea? I am interested, but don’t quite understand how it would work.


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