Home Forums General Issues i want to show a users account value in the frontend.


i want to show a users account value in the frontend.

  • oke i hope i can explaine my question well.

    this is what i am working with, i am using admin collums together with ACF
    in the backend i created a field in ACF for just some text, now with admin collums i made this field visable in the backend for me to add some text that i want .

    now i want to display this text in the my-account page on the frondend.
    now i got this far that i added the snippet code to the account page and that works .

    but its only displaying the DEFAULT value i have filled in in ACF and not the value i have entered in the admin backend.

    so to clarify even more in my users backend page i give the user a string of text.
    that text needs to be displayed in the frontend on the users account

    so all users should have a difrent string of text. the text i can add using admin collums
    thats no problem but its only displaying the default ACF value right now and not the users specific ones

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