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I have one license, but it says my limit is reached

  • Hi all

    I bought ACF Pro last November, and in January I migrated the site I was building from the dev/testing server to the production server.

    Today I go into my prod server’s WP backend, and see that a new version of ACF Pro is available, and I have to re-insert my key. When I do that, the key is not accepted, with the message “Activation limit reached”. Assuming the reason must be the development site still on my dev/test server, I go to that server and de-activate ACF (free and Pro). Then I clear all browser cache, and try again to reactivate with the key on the prod server – but I’m still getting the message.

    This is not logical. Why can I no longer use the license I have bought and paid for until November 2021?

    Thanks in advance,

  • If you no longer have access to the admin of the dev site at the dev url then you need to login to your account and deactivate the old site

  • Hi John, it seems I have access to it – it’s just that it isn’t accepted when I re-enter and save it! However, I did what you suggested, and now it’s fine.

    Thanks v much!

  • You must deactivate the license on the dev site before you can activate it on the new site.

    To do this you have 2 options.

    1) Go to http://the-dev-site-domain/ and log in and dectivate that ACF license on the site. You must be logged into the admin of the domain where the license was activated.

    2) Log into your account on ACF and deactivate the site license there.

  • Yup – did that! It worked.

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