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I can`t make field visible in fronend.

  • I can`t make field visible in fronend.
    I decided to put product attributes at the categoru thumbnail.
    Ive entered needed fields, entered location, the category. They have appeared at the backend of category. Then i chose needed atributes. After that i put code in right template? but nothing have appeared. Pls check screens? i dont know what to do. Sorry for my english.
    Pls help me with my problem? thank u in advance.

  • to display field from a term you need to supply the term in your code that would mean something like this

    // get a field value
    $value = get_field('field name', $category);

    or this

    // display a field value
    the_field()'field name', $category);;
  • Tks for the answer. Second variant works, but it shows only id of the attribute, but not the value. In the field editor i chose thermin object, but not id. Where is the mistake?
    Tks for the answer in advance.

  • Sorry, but I can’t tell what type of field that is by looking at it. Some field types need more complicated coding than the_field() There is a whole section of documentation on the different field types

  • Thank you for your help. As i said, this is taxonomy field (attributes), but your code helps to show at the frontend the ID of attribute, but not it`s value.
    And i can`t manage this question.

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