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I can't delete repeater fields

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with a repeater fields: I can’t delete them.

    My repeater field is composed by two checkboxes and two date and time pickers.

    If I tried to delete the first entry, the last one, or all of them, nothing works. When the page refresh after saving, the fields are still there…

    Can you help me?

  • Are you still looking for help with this?

    It sounds like some type of caching is going on. Do you have any caching plugins installed? Is this on the front end or in the admin?

  • I am having this same issue on v5.3.2.2.

    I have a repeater field composed just of text field rows that is in a group assigned to a page template called Gallery and it will only allow me to delete rows until there is at least one row remaining with at least one character. It’s not a required field, so it seems odd that it’s enforcing what looks like a minimum content requirement.

    The final row always reappears with the last entered content on both the front and back end if I try to delete either the content, the row or both – see attached pictures.

    This is really unusual to me – I’ve been using ACF for years every day and have never seen this before.

  • In your repeater field do you have a minimum number of rows set?

    If that’s not it then there may be some other plugin of filter on your site causing the problem because I am not seeing this behavior on my testing site. Try deactivating your other plugins and switching to one of the WP default (20XX) themes and see if that helps.

  • I am having the same issue…

    As @hube2 suggested, I have tried several caching plugins; set a minimum number of rows and deactivated all other plugins (I am only using 3 total for this site, including ACF).

    When I try to Preview the page, the content does not show up, so it looks like it’s been deleted, but on the live page it still shows.

    Issue can be seen at Gallery at bottom of page (placeholder pics) no longer exist on page, but are still showing up.

  • @aladley, did you delete the images from the gallery field or did you delete the gallery field from the field group? Was the field name changed?

    It sounds like you have values in a field that are no longer shown in the admin. In this case if your template file is still coded to get the values from the field then they will still show up, at least I think they will.

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