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I can't access Field Group field of Type Checkbox with endpoint route (postman)

  • Hello,

    I’m trying to access a Field Group field of Type Checkbox so I can get all of the Choices, not a specific id that only has one or a few Choices. For example:

    I am trying to access Label: Home Category of Type Checkbox that has these as choices:

    -Tiny Home

    I am using a custom post type from Custom Post Type UI. It’s associated with Homes post type. I don’t want to access an instance/single epost from acf that might have Mansion and/or Condo selected, I want to access all of the choices, whether checked or unchecked, so I can input them into an array on the frontend. And I’m trying to do that from an endpoint and route perspective, hence why I’m using postman.

    I have tried using this documentation:

    and I have tried looking at a schema from options at:
    and /homes/id
    but all I get are my specific instances of a few dozen posts under Homes. I’ve tried Show in REST API option in the Group Field, but I don’t see any new options.

    Are there any suggestions or places to look?

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