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Hundreds of hierarchical fields

  • Is it possible to build with ACF something like Wikipedia has for scientific classification on ?
    A kingdom Animalia has many child. If Chordata child is selected, then there are many childs of it, one is Aves, and so on… Depending on which child is selected, there are subchilds shown until selection is completed all the way to the species. There could be thousands of selections available since, well, the world is big 🙂

    Currently I have something like this but I have it as a regular field for every class and I manually fill in those fields

  • Would it be possible? Like I like to say, anything is possible with enough time and/or money. Yes, it would be possible, and when completed it might save someone a tiny amount of time entering the values, but it would not be quick or easy to accomplish.

    I can think of a couple of ways that I could build this, the most time consuming part of this would be that someone would actually need to collect all the data, ie, all the kindoms, all of the phylum for each kingdom, etc and enter all that information somewhere. Then once you have the data there would be many hours of building the acf field group and more than likely custom JavaScript, PHP and AJAX to get it working.

    Overall, it’s more than likely easier just to enter the values into 8 text fields.

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