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HTML in editors WYSIWYG

  • My client, who has an Editor Role in my project. Is unable to see the HTML button in the WYSIWYG editor.

    How would I go about resolving this?

  • Hi @SMillerNL

    Would you mind posting a screenshot of the issue?

  • I think the client might be doing something wrong, I finally got around testing it on Mac And I cant reproduce it. Nothing is wrong.

  • I’m experiencing the same issue, on a PC. I’ve tried using a number of different browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari), but to no avail. I’m running version 4.1.8 of ACF, which does not seem to display any “HTML” button to view the source code. Please see attached screenshot.

    WYSIWYG Editor Screenshot

  • Hi @zsalwen

    I think your issue is caused by using tinymce advanced to modify the wysiwyg toolbars.

    This is overriding acf’s html toolbar button.

    You should be able to add this button back into the toolbar via the plugin

  • That was absolutely the issue. Thanks, and sorry for wasting your time!

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