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HTML form rendering in acf-field-functions.php

  • Within the this file of your (pro) plugin:


    on rows 733 – 751 the fields HTML is rendered:

    	// Render HTML
    	echo "<$element $attributes_html>" . "\n";
    		if( $element !== 'td' ) {
    			echo "<$inner_element class=\"acf-label\">" . "\n";
    				acf_render_field_label( $field );
    				if( $instruction == 'label' ) {
    					acf_render_field_instructions( $field );
    			echo "</$inner_element>" . "\n";
    		echo "<$inner_element class=\"acf-input\">" . "\n";
    			acf_render_field( $field );
    			if( $instruction == 'field' ) {
    				acf_render_field_instructions( $field );
    		echo "</$inner_element>" . "\n";
    	echo "</$element>" . "\n";

    Is it possible to change the class acf-label to uk-form-label and the class acf-input to uk-form-controls?

    Maybe adding some code to my functions.php or maybe a code to replace the whole file or something?

    I really really need this change to implement the UIKIT frontend framework…

    Fingeres crossed….

    PS. Or is there a way to completely overwrite the following function:

    function acf_render_field_wrap( $field, $element = 'div', $instruction = 'label' ) {

  • Or even just ADDING these classes would also do the trick….

  • There isn’t any way to alter the classes on the field and label elements. Doing so would require writing custom JavaScript.

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