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HTML-Attributes are removed (wysiwyg)

  • Hi

    I use ACF for informations in a footer of a wordpress site.
    I wanted to add structured data ( to the address data that’s in a WYSIWYG-field.
    When I enter the code in the HTML-view, certain attributes are removed!

    Like if I insert:

    <address itemscope itemtype="">

    it saves only


    What am I doing wrong?


  • ok, seems only the editor isn’t showing it, I see it in the database. Strange, however!

  • Hi, I’m seeing this problem too. It’s confusing behaviour if you go back to re-edit & save a WYSIWYG field, as the stripped-tags version of the content over-rides the intended content. Is there a temporary way to fix it using acf_the_content filter for now?

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