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How to upload an Image via native image URL

  • Hi ACF users,

    i am all new to acf and am challenged by using ACF to upload an image via its native URL.

    The situation i am stuck in is…
    I have to imprt various data via xml to generate my post contents. As a part of this, the xml includes image urls which has to be used for uploading the images to my wordpress media library.

    I tried nearly everything to make this happen but i dont find the right way to configure a custom field this is able to be filled with an image URL to save the image into my library.

    Maybe it is not possible at all, maybe i am doing things invredibly wrong, i dont know.

    Is there anybody out there who knows how i can tell wordpress that the image, included as URL in an custom field, has to be uploaded?

  • I would use WP All Import Pro with the ACF Add On

    If I needed to do this without that plugin.

    1) Create an image field
    2) Use media_sideload_image() to create add the image This returns an attachment ID.
    3) update the ACF field with the attachment ID value

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