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How to update post_object set to multiple values?

  • I am trying to update a post_object field with multiple values turned on, and I am getting no response.

    $post_id = 1361;
    $user_id = 7;
    $name_field = 'my_post_object_name';

    update_field( $name_field, $post_id , "user_" . $user_id);

    I have also tried passing in the posts as an array that did not work.

    $posts = array();
    array_push($posts, $post_id);
    update_field( $name_field, $posts, "user_" . $user_id);

    I am not finding any official documentation on this, are there any code examples of this anywhere? thank you

  • I’m not sure what you are attempting to do.

    Are you trying to add a post to a relationship that already exists?

    What exactly is not working?

    What do you expect to happen?

    What is happening?

  • Hi This can be closed, I talked to support and confirmed it wasn’t ACF it was another part of the application causing the issue which made it seem like saving multiple values to a ACF post_object wasn’t working while other ACF stuff was working. There is documentation on updating multiple posts in a post_object but it’s just on a different section of the website. The code was working as long as an array of IDs was passed in. Thank you

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