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How to translate the "select" field ?

  • Hello,

    I created a “select” field with ACF. Only, my site has several languages.

    For example, I have:

    green : Green
    black : Black

    I wish I could translate the data. I tried to put directly into the select field <? php _e ('Green', 'myChain');?> But it does not work.

    I use Polylang. I tried with WPML but I do not like this plugin. And then, it does not work well (I have to select each time on the other pages translated the values that I had selected on the original page)

    That’s why I just want to translate the string? Is it possible ? There will be many.

    Thank you very much !

  • I tried another solution. In my view, I wanted to translate the string like this:

    <?php _e(get_field('test'), 'myChain');?>

    But it does not work either. She is not recognized. You have an idea ? Thank you !

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