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How to translate a checkbox CF with WPML ?

  • Hi,

    I work on a bilingual website : French and English.

    I created a checkbox custom fields and translated it in both languages (duplicata).

    When I create a page in French, I’ve my custom fields in French, it’s good. I fill the checkbox. Then I translate my page in English, but my checkbox is empty, I’ve to fill it the same way I did in French. Which is logical, because I’ve one CF in French and a different one in English.

    How can I keep the answers ? I would like to fill my checkbox custom field in French, then go to translate the page in English, but not have to fill again the checkbox…

    I guess the solution is to translate the French checkbox custom field without creating an English duplicata ! But is it possible and, if yes, how ?

  • On a custom group page (ACF plugin), on the bottom, I checked “Translate” for the custom fields (where fieldkeys are display), but I’m stuck. I don’t understand what this option does.

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