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How to split the Date-Picker-Value

  • Hello Guys! Befor I am starting to ask: I am very sorry for my english. But I hope you will understand me, what I want, because I am an beginner as well.

    When the Date is picked, it shows the Weekday (like Monday) and the Date (16.2.).

    In the Value of the Settings stands: “l, d.m”
    So, Its generate: Monday, 16.2. (for example)

    But: I need the “Monday” (the “l” in the value”) in the next row. Like in a extra <p>-Tag.

    It should be like:

    (like: <p class=”weekday”>Monday</p> <p class=”date”>16.2.</p>)

    The big Question is: How? Is there a simple answer?

    Thank you for reading!

  • found an answer:

    In the Settings:
    last choice, where you can decide your own format:


    $myString = get_field(‘MY-FIELD-NAME’);
    $myArray = explode(‘,’, $myString);

    echo ‘<p class=”date_weekday”>’ . $myArray[0] . ‘</p>’;
    echo ‘<p class=”date_date”>’ . $myArray[1] . ‘</p>’;

    l = weekday -> first array ([0])
    d.m = day and Month -> second array ([1])

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