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How to show map?

  • Hello i’m using acf, i have a location map field. I need to know how to show the final map in my file.php

    i have the coordinates but i dont know how to use them.


  • Hi @santisanti

    I would jump on google and find out how you can render a google maps field based on co-ordinates.

    The location field you are using is not part of the ACF core (not until v4.3.0), so until then, I can provide support for this field type.


  • i struggled with getting the map to work with the code you provided a few months ago on the git repository.

    Before i take any more time on it, can you confirm that code actually still works?

  • sorry for the double post. needed to notify via email.

  • Hi

    Perhaps you could link to the code you are speaking of?

    This is not part of the ACF core so I cannot offer any free support for this.
    Have you attempted to read the google api documentation and look over code examples / test the PHP get_field value for the location field?

  • Yes, thanks.
    I suspect i need to look over the maps api more closely.
    Let me do that and get back.

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