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How to show ACF fields in custom taxonomy template?

  • Hi

    I would like to show ACF fields in a custom taxonomy template outside the post loop.

    So far I tried following this.

    It doesn’t show anything outside the loop. The inside is okay but looks awkward. Cause the static data that retrieving from the ACF fields are repeating to every post.

    I hope you get the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you are showing fields that are associated with each post then this is the only way to do so. Are the fields edited when editing a post?

    If you want to show fields on a term page and not on the post then the location of the fields should be set to the taxonomy and not posts. Is this the case and this is what you are attempting to show?

  • Hi John,

    In a custom taxonomy called “Genre”, by default, there are WordPress built-in fields name, slug and description. I want to add an extra field let’s say “Top Genre” as text.

    So I have created a field group and set it up as the instructions say.

    Seems it only shows (but repeating with every posts) when I put the “get_field()” in the taxonomy template’s post loop.

    I just want to show the field value anywhere like term_description().

    Hope you got the problem.


  • You have not provided me with enough information.

    What are the location rules for your field group?

    What template file are you editing?

    Provide code that is not working.

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