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How to show a Nested ACF Repeater in Oxygen Builder Gallery?

  • Hi, I am trying to get the data from a Nested Repeater and display it in Oxygen using its “Gallery” element.

    I have created a Repeater ACF in which there is a nested Repeater of the type “Gallery” and when trying to get the information from Oxygen I can’t find the way to do it.

    In Oxygen I have a Repeater Element that has a Gallery on it, and this Gallery should show the images from the ACF nested Gallery Repeater.

    They told me to follow the documentation that you guys show here: but it is not easy for me to understand as I am not a developer and I do not understand the documentation.
    Is there a way to get that data from ACF’s Nested Repeater in Oxygen with code?
    Maybe there is a Plugin?
    Could you please provide me with the necessary code to add?


    – ACF setup:
    – Oxygen Repeater Element setup:
    – Oxygen Gallery Element setup:

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