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How to set value in Page link field

  • Hi,
    I am very new to WP. On my footer I have added a custom Repeater field which consist of 2 sub fields of type:
    a) Page Link
    b) Text

    In the Footer when I am adding a new row for repeater It allows me to add text field value but for Page link type field it display dropdown list with no value.

    How can I add value to Page link field?

  • Are you seeing any JavaScript errors?

  • In the developer console no error is reported.

    Do we have to enable some setting to display page name in page link field? or it will by default display all the created page name there?

  • The page link field is a select2 field and it creates a list of pages that you can link to based on the pages that exist on your site and the field’s settings (post types, taxonomies, archives). If there are no existing pages that match the settings then then field will not show any choices. If there is a JS error, or a PHP error on the server that prevents the AJAX request from completing the field will also be blank.

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