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how to see my customs fields in my front office form to edit/create post

  • hi
    in my site I have a form in front office which allows my members to create and edit articles thanks to the plugin “CM User Submitted Posts”
    I will like to add fields to this form in front office, but when I use acf I only see these fields in backoffice in the “post section”, what can I do?
    I ask the same question in French below in case there are French speakers in the assembly: p

    french version
    dans mon site j’ai un formulaire en front office qui permet a mes membres de créer et editer des articles grâce au plugin “CM User Submitted Posts”
    j’aimerai ajouté des champs à ce formulaire en front office, mais quand j’utilise acf je ne vois ces champs qu’en backoffice dans la “section post”, comment puis-je faire pour les faire apparaitre ?

  • Checking the docs for that plugin, you can see:
    Can admin add custom fields to the frontend submission form for the WP User?
    No, Custom fields are not supported with this user-generated content plugin.

    If you want something similar, you can either:
    1) Do a custom form using the ACF plugin which can submit posts OR
    2) Look at something like Gravity Forms. You can then submit posts but also link into custom fields (it even has an add-on to map the fields)

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