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How to search Author Pages

  • I have been trying to create a search form which uses GET on the author archive, I was hoping to add three fields to this.

    I have three custom fields in my author page which are: local_name category and location. local_name is a simple text acf, category is a dropdown acf and location is using the google maps.

    I have managed to create the page so that each user on the site enters the details in and it outputs to their own author page i.e author/Connor

    How can I create a form that will query the acf within the author page and return only matches.

    I need to be able to run searches specifically for the local_name field as well as the category dropdown that will return a list of the author pages, Ideally the names and an image field will show.

    Secondly, I am looking to be able to run a search across the google location, so maybe having some version of the form that only searches location and returns author pages within a set radius?

    If anyone has any idea how to impliment this or how to go about this better I would really appreciate it 🙂


  • Connor, I’m trying to understand what your ‘goal’ is.

    Am I correct to understand you want to query users based on acf fields ?

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