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How to save Taxonomy field?

  • Here’s something else I can’t glean from documentation…

    How do I update_field to save a taxonomy term?

    In my case, I have

    – Taxonomy: Company (company)
    – Taxonomy: Company Type (orgtypetax)

    Through an ACF field, orgtypetax appears on company terms (that is, a secondary taxonomy for a taxonomy term).

    On my taxonomy-company.php page, I am already generating $org_id_prefixed = 'company_'. $organisation->term_id;

    Programmatically, I want to save values to the orgtypetax for a given company term. eg. For “company” “Microsoft”, save an “orgtypetax” value “Technology”.

    I have tried…

    update_field('orgtypetax', 'My Value Here', $org_id_prefixed); (and various other things).

    This doesn’t seem to work at all.

    How do I pull it off?

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