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How to save acf taxonomy data in other post

  • Hi,

    i have an option page with a repeater. In this repeater i have a field taxonomy type with multiple choises.

    I need to get values and save in a same field type but on a custom post type.

    It works for all other fields but not for this type.

    When i enter in the custom post type, i see the correct taxonomy, but it’s not correct infact using wp_query, value is ignored. If i delete that taxonomy and choose it again inside the custom post type, then wp_query works.

    When i create custom post type by code and use update_field(“match_valevole_per_titolo”,$match_valevole_per_titolo,$id_post_creato); i obtain in the db this : a:1:{i:0;i:26;}

    When i delete the taxonomy from custom post type and choose it again from backend, i obtain in the db : a:1:{i:0;s:2:”26″;}

    what i’m doing wrong?

  • i resolved putting in the array taxonomy ids as strings

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