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How to replace standard editor with ACF field

  • I’m would basically need to replace the standard editor field with an ACF field. The reason is that I would like to have the editor in a reduced setup, no image button – but with its own label – just like a regular wysiwyg-acf-field.
    I could of course remove/ hide the standard editor and use an ACF field instead – but then I would a) have to move all the content that is already in place and b) i could not use the standard functions the_content() and the_excerpt().
    I hope somebody has done this before? Thankyou!

  • To do this:

    1) remove the WYSIWYG editor, or hide the editor with the setting in the acf field.

    2) create an acf/save_post action that copies the content of the ACF wysiwyg field to post_content.

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