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how to remove permalinks from custom field group

  • Hi,

    I have a installation with more static content – no blog.
    There are some custom post types, e.g ‘Trainings’.

    There is a custom field group ‘Trainingcontent’ with 2 Fields in (description and image).

    At the ‘Trainings’ page I want to list a couple of entries of the ‘Trainingcontent’.

    So every Trainingcontent gets his own permalink, like: /trainings/contentname/

    but there is no separat site for that content.
    I want to look the permalink like /ā€ˇtrainings without an entry for each training content. How can I configure that the custom field group should have no permalink entry ?

    Any hint or advise for me?

    I already read a lot and tried a couple of plugins (e.g. custom permalinks, custom post type permalinks) which are not working for this.

    King reagrds, Guido

  • Hi @[email protected]

    Sorry, I am completely baffled by your question. Can you please re-write it in a way that is clear, straightforward and non confusing.


  • Hi Elliot, sorry for that – I’ll try

    I’m developing a theme.

    I have a custom post type – ‘trainings’

    I created a custom field group – ‘trainingcontent’ by using your plugin.
    within that group are 2 fields: a) description b) image

    Rule is set to display this custom field group, when Post Type is equal to trainings

    I have a couple of ‘trainingcontent’ to display on one page, what already works.

    But if I go to Admin dashboard –> ‘trainings’ –> ‘trainingcontent1’ (1st entry in the custom field group)
    there is a permalink shown in the post edit screen which looks like:

    by clicking this there is no page to display, I know it could be there if I put something in the single.php but I don’t want to display the single training content alone. It should only be displayed on the ‘trainings’ site together with other ‘trainingcontent’. Therefore I want to remove the permalink from each custom field group entry, like ‘trainingcontent1’, ‘trainingcontent2’ a.s.o.

    I want to have a permalink that looks this was:

    So far as I understand, each entry in the custom field group within that post, creates a new single-post and therefore wordpress creates a separate permalink.

    Maybe the repeater field could help me out, so that I could put this on a page instead of using a post?

    I hope this is less confusing to you.

    Regards, Guido

  • Hi @[email protected]

    This doesn’t sound like an issue with ACF.
    It sounds like you need to edit the settings for you custom post type (‘trainings’).

    Yes, you could use the repeater field on a page to create multiple rows of data. Each rows could contain the 2 fields (description and image).

    It sounds like the repeater field will be a good solution for you needs.


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