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How to remove ( , ) from Checkbox

  • how to remove ( , ) / coma from checkbox in acf

    i use acf version 5.7.6.


  • What plugins are you using to make the icons appear? That’s probably what is adding the commas, not ACF specifically.

  • If you are using the_field() for a checkbox field. A checkbox field is an array and when you use the_field() ACF will concatenate the values using

    $value = implode(', ', $array);

    If you want a checkbox field formatted in a specific way then you need to use ‘get_field()’ and do the formatting yourself

    // example
    $values = get_field('checkbox_field_name');
    echo implode(' ', $values); // us only a space
  • i use checkbox :
    choices :

    <a><img src="/icon/telegram-logo.svg" /></a> : Tele
    <a><img src="/icon/telegram-logo.svg" /></a> : Facebook

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