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How to pick a fieldset in visual composer (page builder)?

    • wp-teo

    • October 29, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    I browsed the forum but couln’d find an answer related to my issue yet. So, i hope my topic is something like new …

    I’ve created an acf fieldset for team members. The member formular contains some acf fields (title, prename, surname, picture, …)

    Now i can create team members and give each one a description title. This is the basic to show each member at every page i want (maybe on different pages in a different layout). The team member data are setup once and can be find at one place.

    Now i’m searching for how i can import my team members (as a fieldset) into a visual composer element, that contains a dropdown with all possible members. Is it possible?

    I tried to use the visual composer acf element and also the acf vc bridge plugin, but in each possibilities i can only choose one field from my fieldset. I don’t want to repeat my fielset in visual composer. But maybe i misunderstand something using acf and vc integration… I’m new to acf.

    If i could do it with the acf pro version, i would be fine to buy a licence.

    Best regards, wp-teo

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